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This has already saved me a few times. Fully recommend to any serious SAP professional!

Fred Verbeul
Independent SAP developer and SAP Mentor

It was great as all SAP eBooks with lower price and Genuine Copy, I saved a lot money With GuruSPA Service.

John Martinez
SAP Sr. MES Consultant

Sharpen your skills and knowledge with subscription - it is SAP knowledge to go.

Tammy Podlas
SAP Mentor

After much research, GuruSAP came out for me as a clear leader. They had the variety of courses I needed had for me the best content.

Christopher Salva
SAP Functional Specialist at Twinings

I took your Sap eBooks Subscription and found it very informative and feel it would be a must for New Users! I have been using SAP since July 2003 and doing fixed assets since August 2004 and still learned things I did not know.

Diane Kindle
Fixed Asset Accountant at Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC

You've been great and I'll remember you should I need access to an SAP eBooks in the future. Your service was very helpful for me.

Peter Gauthreaux
PG3 Solutions

I have used SAP for 6 years and GuruSAP eBooks subscription still gave me some new tools to use on my job. This website is not only for beginners but users who just need a refresher in SAP.

Bob Vergillo
E-Learning Specialist

I have become a more knowledgeable, more confident person with the ability to contribute much more in the world of business than what I would have been able to do without my SAP skills.

Tim Hotz
SAP Logistics Competency Lead at Illumiti Inc

GuruSAP is excellent
which is why I am continuing to purchase from you.

Jon Asbury
Sales & Distribution at Edmund Optics, Inc

Everyone I have referred to GuruSAP has had a good experience.

Graham Reed
Independent Analyst and SAP Mentor

The E-books Shared by GuruSAP have been great! I have been whizzing through them and doing well on the quizzes.
I'm loving SAP!

Rose Meadowcroft
HR Manager/Business Partner

We are thrilled with the work you have done. We are very happy with the eBooks you are sharing.

Darlene Ward
SAP Training Manager

GuruSAP Services came highly recommended...It helped me prepare for the formal on-site Winshuttle training we received from our implementation partner.

Chrissie Francis
DM Data Analyst at Semtech Corporation

Very well done. I really enjoyed this Website Subscription Service. Ready for the next subscription!

Richard Crowe
Lead Fixed Asset Accountant

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