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Self-Services with SAP ERP HCM – ESS, MSS, and HR Renewal

Cover of Self-Services with SAP ERP HCM

Self-Services with SAP ERP HCM – ESS, MSS, and HR Renewal

written by Jeremy Masters, Brandon Toombs, Kris Bland, Justin Morgalis

The self-services landscape is changing. Wrap your mind around the self-services picture with this guide to on-premise HCM offerings. Understand the benefits, functionality, and business processes enabled by new technology like HR Renewal and SAP Fiori, and see how to integrate them into your self-services strategy. Take advantage of HCM solutions that extend your reach and keep you connected and adaptable to the HR environment.
  • See how HR Renewal fits into your HR service delivery model
  • Explore the features and functionality of Employee Self-Services, Manager Self-Services, and the HR Professional role
  • Transition from the visual UI to the empowering UX

In this book, you’ll learn about:

  1. HCM Integration

    See the touch points between HR Renewal Add-on for HCM and Personnel Administration Organizational Management, Employee and Managers Self-Service, Learning, HR forms, and the Shared Service Framework.

  2. Updated UI and Functionality

    Learn what you’ll see and do with a new UI and improved ESS/MSS functionality.

  3. Mobility in the Self-Services Space

    Explore the mobile offerings from SAP including those via the Sybase platform and SAP Fiori.

Highlights include:

  • HR Renewal Add-on for HCM
  • SAP Fiori
  • Mobility
  • Deployment
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Manager Self-Service
  • HR Professional role
  • UI changes

Self-Services with SAP ERP HCM

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