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Product Cost Controlling with SAP

Cover of Product Cost Controlling with SAP

Product Cost Controlling with SAP

written by John Jordan
Looking for a comprehensive guide to product costing in SAP (SAP CO-PC)? With this best-seller, you’ll begin with a breakdown of how to manage master data and configure settings in SAP CO. Next, you’ll learn the nitty-gritty details of integrated planning, from creating cost estimates to handling planned costs, actual costs, and final settlements. Contains coverage of SAP HANA, current trends in product cost controlling, and other new functionalities!
  • Walk through product cost controlling from end to end
  • Master integrated planning, product cost planning, cost object controlling, reporting, and more
  • Use SAP HANA to reduce long run times during month-end processing and streamline controlling processes

In this book, you’ll learn about:

  1. Configuration

    Learn to manage your master data and tailor your configuration settings based on your particular business requirements.

  2. Functionality

    Understand and implement key functionalities including standard cost estimates, work in progress and variance calculations, reporting, and analysis.

  3. Advanced Topics

    Find answers to your questions about the Material Ledger, subcontracting, delivery costs, user exits, mixed-cost estimates, and more.

Highlights Include:

  • Integration planning
  • Master data
  • Configuration settings
  • Material Ledger confirmation
  • Costing variants
  • Unit cost estimates
  • Simultaneous costings
  • Overhead
  • WIP calculations
  • Settlement
  • Reporting and analysis

Product Cost Controlling with SAP

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