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Need a quick answer from SAP experts? SAP PRESS E-Bites are how-to guides that answer your SAP questions in no time. SAP HANA, ABAP, FICO, and more!

Implementing SAP Cloud Platform Smart Business Service

Build SAP Fiori analytical applications in the cloud! Get a comprehensive look at SAP Smart Business service, from implementation on the SAP Cloud Platform to advanced functionality such as enabling predictive and embedded analytics. Walk through step-by-step instructions for creating analytical applications; then see how to build a dashboard for analysis review. Finally, set up the OData adapter and connect SAP Smart Business service to other databases

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Introducing the SAP Financial Closing Cockpit for SAP S/4HANA

Discover a better way to close your books with the SAP Financial Closing cockpit! With this E-Bite, you’ll learn about financial close in the world of SAP S/4HANA, from planning to analytics. See how to prepare a global entity checklist, generate a task list, and run the close list; then monitor your entity close with a centralized status dashboard. Finally, find out how to use SAP Fiori applications to analyze your data. Say goodbye to your financial close workarounds

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Cloud Connector for SAP Cloud Platform: How-to Guide

Setting up a hybrid system with SAP Cloud Platform? Look no further! With this E-Bite, you’ll learn how to easily connect your on-premise system to the SAP Cloud Platform (formerly SAP HANA Cloud Platform) using Cloud Connector. See how to install Cloud Connector; then, get step-by-step instructions to configure your cloud to on-premise connectivity and vice versa. Finally, set up Cloud Connector security and feel confident in your connection

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SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori: The Psychology of UX Design

UX design is…complicated. A great user experience is every designer's goal. But how do you ensure that your UX is intuitive? The answer lies in psychology. In this E-Bite, you'll dive into the principles that shed light on how users visualize and process information, how memory works, and which cues are most likely to trigger responses. Then, learn how to apply these principles in SAPUI5. Great UX is all in your head ...

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SAP Ariba: Contract Management

With this E-Bite, you’ll learn how to manage contracts in SAP Ariba. Get step-by-step instructions for implementing SAP Ariba Contracts. Understand the contract strategies for indirect procurement; then learn to create, consume, and amend contracts. This E-Bite was originally published as Chapter 3 from SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass: Functionality and Implementation ...

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SAP Ariba Invoice Management

With this E-Bite, you’ll learn how to manage invoices and other accounts payable processes with SAP Ariba! Understand the functionality of SAP Ariba Invoice Management, SAP Ariba's discounting capability, and SAP Ariba Payables; then implement each module. This E-Bite was originally published as Chapter 5 from SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass: Functionality and Implementation ...

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SAP Ariba Integration with SAP ERP

With this E-Bite, you’ll learn how to connect SAP Ariba with your SAP ERP system. Explore your integration options and plan your project. Next, walk step by step through the implementation itself, from configuration settings to data transfer. This E-Bite was originally published as Chapter 9 from SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass: Functionality and Implementation ...

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Predictive Modeling with Automated Analytics/SAP Predictive Analytics 2.x

Predictive analysis can be an invaluable asset in the business world—as long as you know how to use it. Luckily, the Automated Analytics module of SAP Predictive Analytics is here to help. Learn to harness this tool, from correctly setting up data inputs to using four major modules. See how to build classification, clustering, time series analysis, and recommendation models with step-by-step instructions. Explore the future through your data ...

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Hands On with SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services (SAP HCPms)

In this SAP CodeJam-inspired E-Bite, learn how to build an app from planning to deployment through SAP Web IDE. Follow step-by-step instructions to build an app that views sales orders and sales order statuses with a master-detail interface. Then, enhance and customize your app with OData—all within the programming language of your choice. Your HCPms crash course is here ...

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