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Become an expert on SAP BW, the staple of SAP BI. Master data modeling, the BEx tools, administration, and performance optimization with these analytics books!


What is SAP BW/4HANA? More importantly, what can it do for you? Between these pages, you'll explore the answers to these questions, from simplified data models and SAP BW/4HANA Analytics to automated data lifecycle management. You'll find step-by-step instructions for installation and setup, a guide to administrative tasks to keep your SAP BW/4HANA system in tip-top shape, and the low-down on security in your new system. Explore the data warehouse of the future!

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Implementing SAP BW on SAP HANA

If you’re making the leap from SAP BW to SAP HANA, this book is your indispensable companion. Thanks to detailed pre-migration and post-migration steps, as well as a complete guide to the actual migration process, it’s never been easier to HANA-ify your SAP BW system. Once your migration is complete, learn everything you need to know about data modeling, reporting, and administration. Are you ready for the next generation of SAP BW ...

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ABAP Development for SAP NetWeaver BW

Steer your BW-specific programming and push your implementation beyond standard requirements! This book is your trusted guide to the most often-used and helpful custom enhancements in SAP BW. Dive into user exits and BAdls for data extracting, importing, reporting, and planning. You'll develop an understanding of why these custom enhancements are necessary, when to apply them, and how to perform them. With this book, kick your implementation up a notch ...

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SAP BW 7.4 – Practical Guide

Don't just read about SAP BW—get your hands dirty with this updated, must-have guide. Tackle all of the common tasks you'll encounter when working with SAP BW, from creating objects, to extracting and transforming data, to mastering the BEx tools. Keep your skills sharp with information new to this edition, including updates for SAP BW 7.4 and SAP BW on SAP HANA. And follow along with a comprehensive case study to cement your knowledge ...

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Implementing SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

Complete an SAP BPC implementation from end to end with this comprehensive guide! Learn how to configure both the standard version with traditional data models and the embedded version run on SAP HANA—and how you can get from one to the other. Look beyond system architecture and into the steps for fast and accurate reporting, data loading, planning, and consolidation. This SAP BPC implementation guide has you covered ...

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Data Modeling in SAP NetWeaver BW

An SAP BW system is only as good as its data models. Have you mastered the skill? This book will teach you what you need to know to become an expert in the art of data modeling. Build flexible models that not only satisfy existing requirements, but are positioned to adapt and grow with a company’s changing needs. This is your must-have guide ...

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SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP BusinessObjects – The Comprehensive Guide

Finally—the entire SAP business intelligence world in one volume! Get the big picture from all angles: backend, frontend, and everything in between. Tools covered include BEx Query Designer, BEx Analyzer, BEx Web Analyzer, BEx Web Application Designer (WAD), Analysis, Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, and Dashboards (Xcelsius). Get to know the world of SAP BI ...

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Creating and Using Advanced DSOs in SAP BW on SAP HANA

Master the Advanced Data Store Objects (aDSOs) in your SAP BW on SAP HANA system with this E-Bite! Create, manage, and use aDSOs: Get practical details on the primary features of aDSOs, including aDSO tables and enhanced reporting capabilities. Then walk through step-by-step instructions to create the basic structure and artifacts for aDSOs. Finally, learn how to operate an aDSO with actual cost data using the SAP BW Modeling perspective, load transactional and plan data, and more ...

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Building Planning Applications with SAP BW Integrated Planning

You know your BW basics, but have you mastered Integrated Planning? In this E-Bite, learn how to create real-time InfoCubes, define characteristic relationships, set data slices and aggregation levels, and more. Then, with all your planning filters, functions, and sequences ready to go, put the pieces together to design both Excel- and web-based applications. Step-by-step from A to Z: If you have this E-Bite, you don't need a crystal ball ...

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Using SAP LT Replication Server (SLT)

Need to replicate your data in real time? Do it with this E-Bite on SAP LT Replication Server (SLT)! Start with SLT basics and use cases before jumping right into data extraction, transformation, and loading. With a focus on SAP HANA, code examples will explain how to implement and optimize these processes. Explore monitoring tools and find out how to troubleshoot any problems that arise ...

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