SAP ERP HCM Processes and Forms

Cover of SAP ERP HCM Processes and Forms

SAP ERP HCM Processes and Forms

written by Justin Morgalis, Brandon Toombs

Forms are an integral part of HR and business function. Learn how to configure and optimize HCM Processes and Forms with ease through real-world examples, step-by-step instructions and tips and tricks. This resource will teach you to maximize the powerful combination of web-based forms, online document storage, and support structure-based decision making. Perfect for busy consultants, managers and super users, this end-to-end solution includes configuration steps, overall business scenarios, and the dos and don’ts of mapping business processes.
  • Set up an effective forms workflow with HCM Processes and Forms
  • Master form functionality and configuration with details on FPM non-Adobe forms
  • Streamline your organizational processes data into one discrete process

In this book, you’ll learn about:

  1. Planning an HCM Processes and Forms Project

    Understand what HCM Processes and Forms is, what questions to ask during project preparation, and how to configure and customize the system.

  2. HR-Driven Forms Process

    Design a simplified, effective, HR-drive forms process for employees, HR administrators, business decision makers, and managers.

  3. Form Design Approaches

    Learn the Intricacies of both Adobe forms and FPM and non-Adobe forms, and then explore the configuration and implementation for each.

Highlights include:

  • Implementing and planning
  • Adobe Forms and FPM Forms
  • Form Builder
  • Process design
  • Administration
  • Design time

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SAP ERP HCM Processes and Forms

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