Sales and Distribution with SAP – 100 Things You Should Know About

Cover of Sales and Distribution with SAP

Sales and Distribution with SAP – 100 Things You Should Know About

written by Matt Chudy, Luis Castedo
Have you ever spent far more time than you should on a sales activity, only to discover that you could have saved time with a simple workaround? Here you go: SAP PRESS equips you with “100 Things” that unlock the secrets of working with Sales and Distribution with SAP.
  • Provides 100 little-known time-saving tips and tricks
  • Features step-by-step instructions and guiding screenshots
  • Helps increase profitability by teaching you how to effectively use SD

With this book, users of all levels will:

  1. Save time

    With the shortcuts and workarounds provided, you’ll learn how to complete your daily SD tasks faster and more elegantly.

  2. Learn quickly

    Full of screenshots and instructions, this book will help you pick up new tips and tricks in no time, such as using more efficient sales transactions and customizing your system to better monitor customer credit.

  3. Develop new skills

    You’ll discover new ways of doing your work and find yourself saying, “I wish I’d known how to do this a long time ago!”

Highlights include:

  • Master data
  • Sales and support
  • Billing and credit management
  • Sales information management
  • Shipping and transportation
  • Picking and packing
  • Credit management

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Sales and Distribution with SAP

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