Implementing SAP Global Trade Services

Cover of Implementing SAP Global Trade Services

Implementing SAP Global Trade Services

written by Yannick Jacques, Nick Moris, Chris Halloran, Pablo Lecour
Cut through overwhelming complexities with this comprehensive guide to SAP GTS. Begin by exploring fundamental SAP GTS concepts for configuration and implementation; then see how SAP GTS functionality can help you manage customs, export controls, and risk management throughout your international supply chain. Resolve real-world global trade issues and avoid delays and penalties to ensure that your business seamlessly circles the globe with SAP GTS.
  • Effectively implement and configure SAP GTS
  • Manage regulatory changes and meet specific business needs
  • Identify and solve customs-related issues for your business

In this book, you’ll learn about:

  1. Configuration and Implementation

    Explore the organizational structure of SAP GTS and choose the right settings for your implementation.

  2. Compliance, Customs, and Risk Management

    Zoom in on the major SAP GTS functionalities using an extended example to walk you through the business processes.

  3. Reporting with SAP GTS

    Learn how standard reporting works alongside the main SAP GTS modules.

Highlights include:

  • System architecture
  • Navigation
  • Organizational structures and settings
  • Master data creation, transfer, and maintenance
  • Classification management
  • Export authorization, licenses, and sanctioned party list screening
  • Customs business processing
  • Trade preference management
  • Reporting

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Implementing SAP Global Trade Services

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