Business Cases for SAP HANA

Everybody knows that SAP HANA makes things go faster—but if you want to implement it for your company, you need to promise more than just speed. How will it improve business processes? How will it save money? How will it save time? In this book, find out what SAP HANA can really do. With case studies and high-level implementation plans from a multitude of industries, you'll learn how to build a convincing business case for any scenario. Go ahead, make your case ...

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SAP HANA Cloud Integration

Learn how to integrate cloud and on-premise landscapes with SAP HANA Cloud Integration! Start with the SAP HCI basics, and then explore predefined integration patterns, debug and secure your integration projects, develop custom adapters, and more. Real-life scenarios guide you through the integration process, along with helpful roadmaps for development steps. Get your applications working together ...

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SAP HANA Advanced Data Modeling

If you’re looking to move past the SAP HANA basics and get knee-deep into some real data model design, you’ve come to the right place. With step-by-step instructions and sample coding, this book will teach you how to build and design predictive, simulation, and optimization models. From information views to AFL models, you’ll learn to scale for large datasets and performance-tune your models to perfection ...

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Getting Started with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Want to extend SAP SuccessFactors? Develop a native SAP HANA application? Code SAPUI5? Guess what: SAP HANA Cloud Platform can do it all. With this book, get the basics of SAP HCP, and then take the next steps. You’ll learn how to create, deploy, and secure applications, and also explore SAP HANA Cloud Portal and SAP HANA Cloud Integration. There’s more to cloud than fluff—find out what it is ...

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ABAP Development for SAP HANA

See how SAP HANA has changed ABAP! Whether you're studying for certification or just want to see what's new, you can learn to design simple and advanced SAP HANA applications with ABAP by using this comprehensive guide. Learn to enable code pushdown, use new Open SQL enhancements and CDS views, and integrate native SAP HANA objects. Use detailed programming examples to develop database procedures and optimize your applications. You’ll be programming for SAP HANA in no time ...

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Integrating SAP SuccessFactors with SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SAP HCI)

Turn your integration problem into a solution! In this E-Bite, discover the SAP Cloud Platform Integration for SAP SuccessFactors implementations. Learn to deploy integration content for four deployment models: talent hybrid, core hybrid, side-by-side, and full cloud. Ensure a successful integration with best practices and considerations, from design to testing. Get the practical information you need for a headache-free SAP SuccessFactors integration ...

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SAP HANA Vora: Functions and Integration

Bridge the digital divide between SAP HANA, Apache Spark, and Hadoop with this E-Bite on SAP HANA Vora. Learn about Vora's functions, from working with hierarchies to organizing data to leveraging Apache Spark for enriched query analysis. Then explore how to use Vora to integrate SAP HANA and Hadoop for faster data combination and consumption. Dive into data lakes with Vora ...

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SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming and the Internet of Things

IoT is all the rage, and SAP HANA can help you get on the bandwagon. In this E-Bite, find out how to use Smart Data Streaming to accept real-time data from a variety of sources, apply business logic and analysis to the data, store the results, and generate real-time alerts. Finally, apply the skills you've learned by building your own streaming projects for IoT ...

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PlanViz: Improving SAP HANA Performance

Performance issues slowing you down? Get your SAP HANA system up to speed with this E-Bite on PlanViz! Discover how to utilize PlanViz to retrieve information on the runtime of specific queries and pinpoint bottlenecks in your system for data model optimization. Armed with features like plan trace, timeline view, operator list, performance trace, and more, you’ll learn how to make your SAP HANA system run faster than ever before ...

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