SAP ASE 16 – Sybase ASE Administration

Skip the marketing jargon, and jump right into the heart of the major tasks for administering SAP ASE 16. Starting with an introduction to the database and an installation overview, this book is packed with information you'll use on any platform. Get the details you need to define database storage areas, create database elements, work with security and user roles, manage backup and restoration, achieve high availability, and more ...

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SAP Database Administration with IBM DB2

When you’re working with IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows, you’re maintaining the Rolls Royce of the SAP-certified database systems. This book is your companion in your daily tasks, from setup to decommissioning. Learn how SAP and DB2 work together, see all administration tools in action, discover strategies for troubleshooting, and acquire key skills for backup and restore. You'll find the information you need for a safe ride ...

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SAP Database Administration for Microsoft SQL Server

Manage the enterprise-critical data in your Microsoft SQL Server database with this E-Bite! First, learn how to execute the daily tasks of an SAP Basis administrator: plan database jobs, check the DBA Planning Calendar, monitor performance, and more. Then, explore how to use the SQL Server Management Studio tool to create maintenance plans for backups and perform a data backup. Is your Microsoft SQL Server database up to snuff ...

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SAP Database Administration for Oracle

Keep your Oracle database up and running in SAP with this E-Bite! Learn how to execute important SAP Basis admin tasks: check database actions, monitor and analyze database performance, perform backups and restores, and more. Then dive deep into your toolkit: implement SQL statements and scripts with Oracle’s SQL*Plus and manage tablespaces and data files with SAP’s BR*Tools. Is your Oracle database up to snuff ...

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